The Top Small Drivable RV

Choosing the Right One

Today, small drivable RVs have become quite popular due to their convenience and lower price. There are now various models and designs that you can choose from its brands as each model has its unique features that come with a specific price. You must select one that will fit your budget and your needs for an RV.

If you’re wondering what to pick, this article will help you narrow down the top ones just for you. 

What’s a Small RV?

Before we discuss further, let’s know more about these small vans. 

The smallest type of motorhomes is called Class B RVs. They are also popularly known as van campers that look similar to oversized vans. Its size can range from 18 to 24 feet long and can accommodate up to 4 people simultaneously.

Families and individuals often use these van campers during their road trip as it provides them relaxation and convenience. 

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What is the Price Range of Class B RVs?

Today, most Class B RVs have a price ranging from the usual $50,000 to as high as $170,000, depending on their features and model. It is built on van chassis like the RAM Promaster, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, and Ford Transit chassis. They are very durable and easy to repair when mechanical issues occur. 


The Pros and Cons of Small drivable RVs

Like any vehicles, Class B RV also have their fair share of Pros and Cons. 

The Pros:

Though slightly smaller than the usual Class A or fifth-wheel, Class B RVs have their edge when it comes to convenience. They are easier to drive, park, manage, clean, and design. They are also fuel-efficient compared to their larger brethren, hence saving you money on fuel during your trips.  

The Cons:

With every good comes the bad. Due to its size, most Class B RVs do not include or supports full-time beds as they typically look like passenger vans. The only difference is that the seat can turn into beds. Though it can be convenient for some, it can get tricky, especially for those who are taller and more prominent in size. 

Also, kitchens are not that roomy and may not include a space for ovens and refrigerators. Storage spaces can be also a problem as they are limited. So if you have a big family, I suggest you think otherwise. 

The Best Small Drivable RV 

If you’re not at all bothered about the cons of these van campers, then let’s move on to the list of some of the best Class B RVs on the market today. 

1. Winnebago Revel

The Winnebago Revel is a dream for off-road enthusiasts and campers. This fantastic RV features an incredible interior that includes a full-time bed, an ergonomic kitchen, and numerous storage spaces. It’s a four-wheel-drive that runs on 125-amp LiFePO batteries that can be charged in its solar panel located on the rooftop.

The Winnebago Revel cost around $175,000 to $185,000. Though a bit pricy, especially for first-time buyers, its features are definitely worth its cost. If you opt for a lower price of the same brand, Winnebago has released the Solis which cost around $170,000.

2. Roadtrek SS Agile

The Roadtrek SS Agile is a must-have classic. It has been around for more than 40 years making it a tried and tested brand for RVers. It has six types of models to choose from, with each having its amenities, layouts, and options. 

The smallest type is the SS Agile which features a spacious kitchen, a pullout bed with an optional twin mattress, and an outdoor shower. It runs on 330 watts of standard solar and costs around  $168,000.

3. Thor Sequence

The Sequence is perfect for those on a tight budget as it cost below $100,000. The camper has a European-themed style interior that features a wet bath and wardrobe, a spacious bed, and an optional poptop bed. It is based on a RAM Promaster chassis and is 20 feet long.

4. Airstream Interstate 19

The Airstream Interstate 19 is an A-lister in Class B model types. Though it cost around $165,000, the hefty price is undoubtedly worth it due to its incredible features. It includes a leather sofa that can transform into a queen-sized bed, a side seat that can be folded down for more bed space, and a luxurious interior.  

5. Coachmen Nova

The Nova is the newest model introduced by Coachmen. Since its release, it has some awards and has come close to a top contender in its class. 

The Nova is 20 feet long and features fiberglass showers, a hardwood interior, a roof rack that a ladder can access, and an optional induction cooktop and water tank heaters.